Live at Five Star Bar, Downtown LA

Live at Five Star Bar, Downtown LA

That was a DOPE night: our music pumpin ‘on the speakers while we were surrounded by great talented artists, specially the bass player Michael Harpel that invited us to join the line up.

Party was held at Five Star Bar, a MASTER ICON venue located in the heart of Downtown LA.
The Five Star Bar is one of the most authentic clubs in Greater Los Angeles, featuring bands and artists from all over the world, punk rock to drum and bass, speed metal to roots reggae or world music.
This was the night of Autorall: representing Latin America, the city of São Paulo, Santos, in short: Brazil. Detail for the shirt of CBD (Brazilian Confederation of Sports) that I am using. It was bought at a thrift store in West Hollywood and probably dates back to the ’70s!
Banging on the drums, my favorite partner-in-crime from Japan , the “Far East PeacockHiroshi Kamoshita.
Hell YEAH! December 2013.
Thanks a ton to Jeremiah Pitts for recording the video.



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