Universo Não Binário (VIDEO)

Universo Não Binário (VIDEO)

“Nem Bolsonaro, nem Maria do Rosário” – translated means: “Not Bolsonaro, nor Maria do Rosário” – this is basically a new way of saying “feast or famine”, quoting two of the most controversial politicians in Brazil (“Bolsonaro”, a candidate for presidency for the upcoming elections and representing a parcel of which we can call of ‘extreme conservatism’, criticizing minorities, with a xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic rethoric. On the other hand, “Maria do Rosário” is a federal deputy that leans her agenda to a retrograde scheduling, still supporting ‘socialist utopia’, as the totalitarian disastrous regimes that are currently implemented in countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

The video of “Universo Não Binário” translates this message to the audiovisual language,mixing archetypes and characters from different cultures into one cauldron, where tension, rhythm and criticism go hand in hand!


Universo Não Binário

by Autorall

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Video: filmed, designed, edited by Paulo Rocha aka Prox at Digirock Studios.
Lyrics and music by Paulo Rocha a.k.a Prox

Recorded and mixed by Prox at Digirock Studios (Lamparina) – São Paulo/Brazil
Mastered by Tiago Hospede


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