Chinese Arithmetic (Faith No More rendition)

Chinese Arithmetic (Faith No More rendition)

Chinese Arithmetic has always been my favorite track of Faith No More, not only from the album Introduce Yourself, but from the entire repertoire of the iconic Californian group.
I’ve always wanted to re-record this track, and I’ve recently rolled up my sleeves and completed that mission …
Recalling that recently one of the songwriters, Chuck Mosley, (the band’s first vocalist) passed away on November 9, 2017. Here is my tribute. R.I.P, Chuck.

Chinese Arithmetic
by Autorall

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Chinese Arithmetic

Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyes
It’s beautiful, how much you’ll never realize
So hush my love, there’s something I’m to tell you now
Your time has come, around again my sleepless one

Your friend was young, hung and plastered
He never knew his own disaster
I think it’s good, in fact it was faster
Cause it was you that he was after

Hold me now, as if you’ll never let me go
Unhand me now, as if you’ve always known my name

His love was king, his love was master
He needed more, he needed always
He searched in vein for love and shelter
In every soul, in every hallway

Así que usted pensó que ella fuera más dulce que tu novia, Pedro.
Bueno darle una segunda oportunidad porque usted todavía tiene que conocerla.
Tenemos las mismas ideas, tenemos los mismos viejos miedos
Ellos tienen diferentes colores a veces, pero, hey, ¿qué importa?
Sólo los años y las lágrimas separam nuestras vidas
Igual que el tiempo que ha intentado enseñar a su primo caminar.

No podía hacerlo – empuje! – Le dijiste dos veces
Bueno, yo hago el hombre, pero simplemente no bailo.



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