Lust of the Mind (LIVE!) at Virada Virtual

Lust of the Mind (LIVE!) at Virada Virtual

Lust of the Mind (LIVE at Virada Virtual, São Paulo/SP) on Nov 09th, 2017

After a long time locked in the lab, it’s time to unleash the beast! Release the Kraken! There it is!
Autorall Lust of the Mind” live from Virada Virtual at Estúdio Lamparina, São Paulo/Brazil.
Autorall was invited by the team / family of Studio Lamparina (which, by the way, is the studio that producer Prox works) to present the new songs at the Virada Virtual party of November.
Virada Virtual is an event that happens monthly with musical shows transmitted via internet, free of charge, with the main purpose of valuing bands and musicians of the independent circuit.

Lust of the Mind
by Autorall

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 Lyrics and music by Paulo Rocha a.k.a Prox
Recorded and mixed by Prox at Digirock Studios (Lamparina) – São Paulo/Brazil

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