Lust of the Mind (LIVE!) at Virada Virtual

[:en] Lust of the Mind (LIVE at Virada Virtual, São Paulo/SP) on Nov 09th, 2017 After a long time locked in the lab, it’s time to unleash the beast! Release the Kraken! There it is! Autorall Lust of the Mind” live from Virada Virtual at Estúdio Lamparina, São Paulo/Brazil. Autorall was invited by the team / family of Studio […]

Universo Não Binário (VIDEO)

“Nem Bolsonaro, nem Maria do Rosário” – translated means: “Not Bolsonaro, nor Maria do Rosário” – this is basically a new way of saying “feast or famine”, quoting two of the most controversial politicians in Brazil (“Bolsonaro”, a candidate for presidency for the upcoming elections and representing a parcel of which we can call of […]

Despite The Time (VIDEO)

  Recorded on the road - from LA to Las Vegas, contrasting the inhospitable scenery like the Mohave Desert with the urban, lighted, noisy and lascivious Las Vegas. Filmed by Connie Hummel Direction: Connie Hummel and Paulo Rocha Edition: Paulo Rocha DESPITE THE TIME (lyrics) Power leaped from every atom Supply my needs and fills the [...]
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