“Bowie, LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers: all AUTORALL”. – ComeHereFLoyd (US)

Come Here Floyd, a collective of music journalists from US just published their review of "Guts and Gears". The original article can be viewed clicking here (also you get the link below): http://comeherefloyd.com/2019/02/echoshark-tamu-massif-autorall-darvid-thor-phileas-fogg/ FULL ARTICLE: AUTORALL is the project of Brazil based artist Paulo Rocha. And he’s a bad-ass. ‘Guts And Gears’ come from the [...]

G1/GLOBO article on The Unpopular release!

On January 8 I had the great pleasure of opening the pages of the G1 website (Globo web portal) and see the article written by the renowned music journalist Mauro Ferreira about the release of Autorall's 2nd EP, "The Unpopular".In the article Mauro approaches a bit of my history and the tracks of the EP.Check [...]
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