“Bowie, LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers, all AUTORALL. The beats give you a black eye, and you’re happy with that”

The Unpopular was conceived on numerous days and nights, sprinkled with synth-bass with overdrive, beers and heavy beats. Among the techniques of production, the insertion of subtle and precise layers of samples – stemming from distinct works, culturally and geographically – are applied with precision and equalization. The melodies are spontaneous and visceral, made with the speakers open at maximum volume and a microphone in hand. The album was created, recorded and mixed by Prox in his room at Studio Lamparina, in Perdizes, São Paulo, and is being released by his own label “Digirock.”


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EP “New Man Remixes by Blippo”

Canadian producer BLIPPO used his skills to give new visions to “New Man”, track of the 1st EP by Autorall (Shake the Paranoia).

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Loaded with drum machines and guitars, the turn of the century found Santos(Brazil)-based artist Paulo Rocha a.k.a Prox begin his fusion of electronica with rock.
Using technology as a catalyst to write electro-organic songs, he created Autorall in 2009, with the goal of making synthesizers and guitars generate, together, a massive energy.

In 2012, Autorall’s first EP Shake The Paranoia was released on LBA Records, a label based in Los Angeles, city to which he moved and lived for 2 years, performing at many expressive clubs of the Californian independent scene, such as Silverlake Lounge, Whisky A Go-Go, The Goodhurt, Five Star Bar among others.
On the same year, the EP was nominated for Best Electronic Music Album on the national brazilian award Dynamite Independent Music Award. Autorall was among the Top 5, alongside with renowned artists such as Banda UÓ, Boss in Drama, and Database.

Following on the intense and delightful search for the perfect digital/analog blend – now with its headquarters back in São Paulo – Autorall is been releasing brand new singles on Prox’s own label (Digirock) that mirrors its evolution.